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Behinds Yous in Front of Yous

Dot Painting 2
Dot Painting 1

Behind Hind Hind Yous

Sub Hexe

Behinds Yous


Eye Will if Eye Won't

Double Dip

The Reverse Ferret

Confluence of Expectation


Flim Flammer Gawk

Gawkers Gaze

The Coney Sequence

The Schaulustist


The Unforgivable

The Flim Flammer Imperative

All that is Solid

Building a Heaven in Hell's Despair


A Burden Taken on with Innocence

Fortune Favours the Brave

The Murmurings

Whispering Eyes


Beyond Instinct and Gut

Have You Tried Reasoning

The Unsubdued

The Martyr


A (Willing) Exchange

Great Deeds of Desire

By Means of Which the Pursuit of Dishonour is Indicated



The Hungering

A Language Without Articulation

Spong Man

The Howling


To Be Done With The Judgement of God

The Pit of Knots

The Howling Logic

No Guts No Glory


Guts for Garters

Destruction for Appetite


A Sly Beast Whose Stomach Has Not Heard About Your Letters of Safe Passage


The Resurrection Yo

How to Hold the Doodle Rod

The Boughs (3)

The Boughs (2)


The Boughs (1)

Doodle Bugging

Bunny L Bars

The Flesh, The World, The Devil


Free to Behave Like a Fool

Triple Tongued is Triple Named

Tomorrow is Nothing, Today is Too Late, The Good Lived Yesterday

The Confabulists


A Hole

Long is the Way and Hard

Play Something We Know

Hell is Emptier


The Hindering

Keepeth His Wounds Green

Hell is Empty

Rabbits Holed


Work Ethic

Pre Amble

Trans Valuation of Values

The Open Hand

Mind my Mindful Mind

Mind my Mind




Hand of Benediction

Something in the Way


Abyssal Gaze


Y Tho

To Bear

Tell Me More (3)

Tell Me More (2)


Tell Me More (1)

Lols and Hols Triptych

Playing Upped

Playing Up



Forlorn Nope

3y3s 1

Oh uh oh (Oh)


Four Fingers


Tri 3y3s

Terrible Why


3 3y3

Blue Ear with Feet

Blue Ears

Reach Around 3


Reach Around 2

Reach Around 1

The Walking Rabbit (Le Lapin Qui Marche)

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