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'Bugged Bugs (Inverse)' 2018 Woodcut 142cm x 103cm

Eye Will if Eye Wont 2019

Trans Vex photosphere


'Immanence of the Screen' 2017 at the 'In Defence of the Poor Image exhibition, Avenue Gallery, University of Northampton. Photo courtesy of Avenue Gallery

Beat Around the Rhythm 2018 Oil and Acrylic 101.5cm x 81cm

 Di·o·nys·i·an (d-nshn, -nzhn, -ns-n)

1. Greek Mythology
a. Of or relating to Dionysus.
b. Of or devoted to the worship of Dionysus.
2. often dionysian Of an ecstatic, orgiastic, or irrational nature; frenzied or undisciplined: "remained the nearest to the instinctual, the irrational in music, and thus to the Dionysian spirit in art" (Musco Carner).
3. often dionysian In the philosophy of Nietzsche, of or displaying creative-intuitive power as opposed to critical-rational power.

 ab·surd (b-sûrd, -zûrd)

1. Ridiculously incongruous or unreasonable. See Synonyms at foolish.
2. Of, relating to, or manifesting the view that there is no order or value in human life or in the universe.
3. Of or relating to absurdism or the absurd.
The condition or state in which humans exist in a meaningless, irrational universe wherein people's lives have no purpose or meaning. Used chiefly with the.

[Latin absurdusout of tune, absurd : ab-intensive pref.; see ab-1 + surdusdeaf, muffled.]

ab·surdi·ty (-sûrd-t, -zûr-), ab·surdness n.
ab·surdly adv.

Juliet Gomperts Trust Award 2010